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Perennial guarantee, experience since 1996., as well as constant investment in technology and employees, are just some of the postulates of the Alkus d.o.o. company. We are ready to meet the most challenging and most complex requirements. We specialize in production of ALU and PVC joinery, blinds, mosquito net, sectional and rolo doors, greenhouses and fences.


We care about our clients

Our team is composed of experienced and highly motivated employees who endeavor in becoming the leaders in the industry. Our technical and service approach is organised to completely support your design. Inovations, flexibility and high production standards guarantee fast and safe delivery and installation in default deadline.

Our and our partners' extraordinary technology combined with rich experience in production gives us the opportunity to offer you the best service possible. We give special attention to each individual requirement and all the details no matter the size of project.

With conscientious organization and close business relation with our clients, we offer completely unique approach to all the phases of project realization, from design concept to finished product.

Our primary company mission is fulfilling the expectations and requirements of our clients and our employees. With constant investment in production and human resources, but also following the trends in the industry of windows and doors, we satisfy needs of our clients and with different forms of education we satisfy needs of our employees. In that way we place quality products with needed quantity to the market.

Show us your trust so we can offer you needed support and contribution to the successful realization of your project.



Volujak bb, 71260 Kresevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina


+387 (0) 30 800 062

+387 (0) 63 369 055




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